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Link Roundup: APIs and Fine Manuals

Still wrestling with my next post on error messages. Meanwhile, I’m sharing some excellent links on technical communications I’ve happened upon lately.


T-shirt Love: Grammar Police

This is one of my favorite shirts. I regularly wear it to work–in fact, I’ve been wearing it enough that I may need to replace it soon.

Working with tech writing, I spend quite a bit of my time assisting in the writing and editing of text for user interfaces, as well as helping colleagues with other types of text. I bought this shirt for fun, but I think it has actually served a purpose as well. I am getting more “hey, grammar police, can you help me with this” requests from colleagues who are not writers, and I think the shirt has helped make it clear that I don’t mind this aspect of my job–in fact, I rather enjoy it. People realize they are welcome to ask for my help, and that if not, my help may still be … let’s say volunteered.

Bought and still available at One Horse Shy.