Oppskrytt selvtillit

Interessant artikkel i New York Magazine fra februar om hvordan man bør rose — og alt selvtillit ikke er godt for:

Dweck and Blackwell’s work is part of a larger academic challenge to one of the self-esteem movement’s key tenets: that praise, self-esteem, and performance rise and fall together. From 1970 to 2000, there were over 15,000 scholarly articles written on self-esteem and its relationship to everything—from sex to career advancement. But results were often contradictory or inconclusive. So in 2003 the Association for Psychological Science asked Dr. Roy Baumeister, then a leading proponent of self-esteem, to review this literature. His team concluded that self-esteem was polluted with flawed science. Only 200 of those 15,000 studies met their rigorous standards.

After reviewing those 200 studies, Baumeister concluded that having high self-esteem didn’t improve grades or career achievement. It didn’t even reduce alcohol usage. And it especially did not lower violence of any sort. (Highly aggressive, violent people happen to think very highly of themselves, debunking the theory that people are aggressive to make up for low self-esteem.)

(Via Darren Barefoot)

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  1. Interessant! Visste ikke at det hadde/var/kaltes et syndrom, men kjenner forsåvidt til fenomenet. Måtte vært interessant å kryssteste “impostors” mot noen av testpersonene med selvtillit av blankpolert stål?

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