Media Morsomt

Lyst hode

AP: Do you read what’s written about you? Do you pick up the tabloids?

Hilton: I don’t read any of it. I just look at the pictures to see what I was wearing last week and if it was cute.

AP: Do you read blogs?

Hilton: What’s that?

AP: Um, they’re these things on the Internet where people write about news and stuff.

Hilton: No, I don’t really read anything on the Internet except my AOL mail. I don’t like people who sit on computers all day long and write about people they don’t know anything about.

AP: Paris, you just described my job.

(Her publicist, Rob Shuter, laughs.)

AP: What did you want to be when you were a little girl?

Hilton: A veterinarian, but then I realized I could just buy a bunch of animals.

Paris Hilton-intervju fra Fox News, via Erik Stattin.

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